Argyle Street Canteen Redvelopment

Building and Development Fund

“I think that it is important for students to have access to healthy food choices in order to start healthy eating early. If children are able to learn healthy eating habits from a young age, then they are more likely to carry healthy eating into adulthood.” – Maeve Dunbabin, Year 12 student

The proposed redevelopment of the Argyle Street canteen is desperately needed and will result in a fresh and inviting canteen featuring an improved service counter with enhanced facilities to display and promote healthy eating food choices. The upgraded canteen will cater to our tallest and smallest students with new display areas at a lower level to improve the visibility of offerings to younger students.

Studies have shown the strong link between good nutrition and cognitive health. Help our students learn to make healthy food choices for lifelong health and wellbeing. Your donation will contribute to urgent work to ensure the upgraded canteen meets current health department requirements and we can ensure the physical wellbeing of each young person in our care.

Thank you for giving,

your gift will have an amazing impact on Friends’ students.

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