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Alford, Marguerite

Allen, Harold (1948)

Alessandrini, Megan (1974) and Pat

Badger, Ann

Baker, Joanna (1975)

Banks, Doris

Beadle, Mary and Chris

Boon (Hogg), Alison (1998) and Brendan

Boyd, Pat and Ann-Maree

Bryant, Margaret and Green, Paul

Campbell, Barbara M (1958)

Chung, Ian and Esther

Clarke, Arthur (1963)

Clarke (Chisholm), Ketrina (1978)

Colhoun, Gina (1984)

Cooper, Craig (1992) and (Firth) Anna (1992)

Davis, Peter and Karen

Degenhardt, Peter

Ebert, Jenny and Wolf

Epps, Rosemary and Smith, Richard

Everett, Rosemary (1967)

Farmer (Ransley), Gaye (1958)

Fleming, Colleen and Peter

Fleming, Robert (1995)

Forrest, Peter and Val

Forster (McDougall), Ailsa (1956)

Francis, Belinda and Brendon

Friend, Tony (1969)

Gardner, Stewart (1976) and Rosemary

General & Window Cleaning Pty Ltd

Giizel, Michael (2003) and Carol

Godfrey, Bill and Anne

Gollings (Frost), Shirley (1954) and Ian

Gray, Elaine and Tony

Griffiths, Ian (1971) and (Crisp) Sue (1973)

Hall, Bob (1961) and (Baird) Sue (1962)

Hand (Cane), Lindsay (1953)

Haramantos, Drossos (1984)

Hawkins, Sue and Ron

Horton (Caldwell), Margaret (1960)

Howard, Ian (1962) and Jean

Ibbott, Tony (1962) and (Davidson) Margaret (1962)

Isles, Graeme (1977) and Sally-Ann

Jensen, Debra

Johnson, Andrew (1983)

Johnson, Dean and Kathy

Kenny (Totham), Nola (1947)

Kirkland, Tom

Kubank (Madsen), Jan (1964)

Leonard, Harry (1954)

Loney (Ogilvie), Lucy (1988) and Richard

Lovering, John (1967)

MacDonald, Ian (1963)

MacMillan, Kerryn (1961)

Marten, Joan and Charles

Marshall (Levis), Jan (1950)

Mason, Roy (1957) and Patricia

Mather, Chris (1961) and Rosemary

Mather, Stan (1949) and Veronica

McDougall, Dugald (1946)

McDougall (Morrisby), Rosanne (1956)

McNeill (Young), Pat (1953)

Medhurst, Alison (1971)

Medlycott, Anne (1970)

Menka, Herbert (1960)

Milne, Libby (1960)

Moore, Frank (1957)

Morgan, Alan (1977)

Moyle, Bill (1966)

Natoli, Mark and Felicity

Neilson, John (1966)

Newman, Janet

O’Halloran, Patricia

Ogilvie, Madeleine (1986) and Doyle, Liam

Pennicott, Rob and Boulter, Michaye

Pointon, Clive and Jennie

Rae (Gibson), Tessa (1953)

Raward, Ruth

Rigby (Hurst), Noelle (1947)

Risby, Warwick (1964)

Roberts, Neil (1966) and Elizabeth

Rothe, Chris and Gibbon, Melanie

Sargent, Shaun and Amanda

Scott (Moore), Ros (1957)

Shaddock (Curtis), Helene (1982) and Julian

Shen, Steven (2020)

Stokes, Jim (1960) and (Le Bis) Robyn (1964)

Thwaites, Anne (1954)

Tilley, Michael (1956)

Triffitt (Lorimer), Geraldine (1959)

Walker, Adrian (1953)

Walker, Jim (1943) and Jane

Walters, Mary

Watson (Pierce), Elaine (1944)

Wedd (Davis), Cecilia (1959)

Weidenbach, Tony and Sonia

Wells, Justin (1990) and Brigitte

Westwood, Ray (1952)

Whitman, Wendy (1970)

Wignall, Ben (1962)

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