If Hobart Quakers had not asked Quakers in London Yearly Meeting for support to open a school, The Friends’ School would not exist today.

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Philanthropy – the desire to promote the welfare of others – has been a vital part of Friends’ and its values ever since. This year we ask you to give generously to The Friends’ Fellowship to enable a talented well-rounded young person – whose family is without the financial means – to access and benefit from a Friends’ education in 2019. Equality of opportunity is central to The Friends’ Fellowship, allowing a student to commence next year and access an outstanding, nurturing education that enables them to flourish, opening up a world of possibilities.

“My Friends’ education gave me the opportunity to be the first in my family line to attend University.”

Kyle Fitzpatrick, Mather Trust recipient (Class of 2016)

You can also choose to support the redevelopment of the Argyle Street canteen or support Information Literacy through the Morris, High School and Clemes Libraries.

generous donations received, thank you.

We thank you for your contributions to Friends’ Together 2018

School fees cover the costs of running Friends’,

philanthropy transforms it and allows our students to fulfil their potential.

Give generously – Let your life speak

In close partnership with our community, we seek to help our students develop as people who will think clearly, act with integrity, make decisions for themselves, be sensitive to the needs of others and the environment, be strong in service and hold a global perspective. Our goal has always been to assist students to grow into adults who become positive, contributing members of society: to learn of the world as it is, and be prepared to engage with the world to change it into what it ought to be. It is easy to gloss over words but with deep reflection, and a resolve to act them out each day, these words are powerful, meaningful and transformative. At Friends’ we seek to achieve our aims with the active support of all members of our School community.  Annual Giving is a time when, together, we can all contribute vital philanthropic support for projects, programmes and services that are outside the operational budget of the School.
With the help of your gifts we can invest in students, facilities and resources to enhance the Friends’ experience and enable our students to realise their personal potential. Giving is a personal decision and each of us can give at different levels. Be assured that our students will have a better learning experience because of your gift – large, small or somewhere inbetween. Our Board of Governors and Senior Management have already given and I now invite you to join with me in supporting Annual Giving 2018. The key to success is all of us participating and showing our support for Friends’, please join me!

Nelson File

Thank you to our community, our students and our staff for giving so generously.

Your gifts make a difference to students now, and in the future

The Friends’ community provided generous philanthropic gifts to help make The Farrall Centre a reality – providing Friends’ students then, now and into the future with access to a world-class facility offering diverse learning opportunities.

Service - Students in action

Friends’ students volunteer many hundreds of hours each year to local and global charities such as Louis’ Van, Young Migrant Education Program and volunteering weekly at The Royal Hobart Hospital. Acts of service that deliver a real impact for people in the Hobart community and beyond.

Staff Refugee Fund - supporting deserving students

Established in 2002, over the life of the fund in excess of 100 staff members have made recurring payments from their salary or one-off donations that are not tax deductible. These funds help cover the costs of books, excursions and other day to day expenses allowing refugee students to access the full experience of a Friends’ education.

Thank you for giving,

your gift will have an amazing impact on Friends’ students.

For more information about these projects, scholarships or making a bequest to fulfil the dreams of Friends’ students please contact

Lucy Loney, Development Manager on 03 6210 2203.

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