Supporting Information Literacy

Library Fund

“In my research assignment I used the Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre to find valuable information on my health issue. This database provided up to date, reliable and easily accessible information that I was able to use in my assignment. I also used the SLASA Reference Generator for my references which is simple and easy to use. The databases and the reference generator are both valuable resources and made my assignment much easier to complete.” – Henry, Clemes Student (Health Studies)

The equivalent of several additional libraries are available to students 24/7 through digital databases made available by the Morris, High School and Clemes Libraries with subscriptions funded 100% by donations from our community.  Without your help, this vast and deeply valuable collection would be lost.

With the addition of these quality, reliable databases, students learn critical life-long skills in information literacy – how to discriminate between truth and ‘fake news’, inaccuracies and fact. They are used daily by students for research and assignments, preparing them for independent research at university or other further study.

In addition, donations allow us to provide two major ebook and audiobook collections and these also provide the advantages of 24/7 access catering for the learning needs of all students.

Thank you for giving,

your gift will have an amazing impact on Friends’ students.

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