The Friends’ Fellowship

Scholarships, Bursaries and Prizes Fund

The Friends’ Fellowship 2020 is open to a new student commencing in Year 11 at Friends’ in 2020.

Fully funded by donations from The Friends’ School community The Friends’ Fellowship provides financial support for a new student, whose family is without financial means, to come to Friends.


Students and families interested in applying for The Friends’ Fellowship are welcome to visit About Our Scholarships for more information, and are encouraged to call our Enrolments Manager Jen Scharkie on Telephone: +613 6210 2224 or email

Information for Applicants

Application Criteria

  • Students would have to demonstrate a high degree of “Academic Commitment” through consistent school records with accompanying comments from teachers that the student is completing all of the required work to his or her ability.
  • Students would be expected to produce some work they completed at school that they feel is a good demonstration of their abilities.
  • Students would need to complete an A4 one-page statement or a video via their phone focusing on how they have contributed to their current community and how they see that contribution continuing in the future.
  • Students would need to submit a document that demonstrates their involvement in co-curricular activities at their current school and why they want to come to Friends’.
  • Students would need to have a letter of recommendation from a current or recent past teacher who would address what type of student and person the applicant is.
  • Students would need to be interviewed by the relevant Head of School and Principal.
  • Applicant families would need to complete the Fees Assistance Forms provided by The Friends’ School.

Interested students and families are welcome to contact our Enrolments Manager Jen Scharkie on Telephone: +613 6210 2224 or Email: for more information.

Online applications can be completed here.

Thank you for giving,

your gift will have an amazing impact on Friends’ students.

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